Singapore, 23 June 2020 (Tuesday) – Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) today announced the appointment of local composer Wang Chenwei as Composer-in-Residence for 2 years. His term of appointment begins on 1 July 2020 and will end on 30 June 2022. This is a significant move to introduce the younger generation in taking key roles into the Chinese orchestra scene, to develop and build a sustainable and vibrant arts ecosystem. Music lovers and SCO followers can expect more flavourful repertoire, especially Nanyang inspired music.

Nevertheless, 32-year-old Wang Chenwei is no stranger to many in the music industry. Growing up in the music scene, multi-talented Wang Chenwei was an active member of the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (then known as the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra) from 2004 to 2008. He took on different instruments throughout his five years in the orchestra and played the Daruan, Sanxian, Zhongyin Sheng, Cello and Zhonghu respectively. Deemed as a music prodigy, he was able to compose, conduct and play 12 musical instruments.

In 2006, Wang Chenwei received the “Singaporean Award” of the Singapore International Competition for Chinese Orchestra Composition (SICCOC) organised by SCO. The theme of his winning work “The Sisters’ Islands” was based on the Malay legend of the Sisters’ Islands south of Singapore. This piece was subsequently featured in SCO’s 2007 CD album “Charms of Nanyang”. Since then, SCO has commissioned Wang Chenwei to do new compositions and arrangements for many concerts, notably SCO’s Infinite Island – A Theatre in Concert in 2019.

For his many contributions to the music scene, he was conferred the Young Outstanding Singaporeans Award in 2011. Over the years, he has also composed several works with distinctive Singapore flavour such as “Confluence”, which has garnered him regional recognition. His outstanding works create memorable music and convey powerful emotions. His compositions have also been widely performed in SCO’s ticketed and outreach concerts, reaching out to Singaporean audiences from all walks of life.

On Wang Chenwei’s new appointment, SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh shared, ”After Law Wai Lun, Eric Watson and Phoon Yew Tien , I am so proud of that Chenwei will take the flag now, and help to bring his talent, his energy and his new ideas into the future SCO concert stage!” His blend of professional expertise and commitment to serving the music community makes him an ideal candidate for the role.

SCO will also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Law Wai Lun for his contribution during his appointment from August 2012 to July 2014 and July 2018 to 30 June 2020.

Wang Chenwei is currently Head of Research and Education at The TENG Company, adjunct faculty and composition supervisor at the National Institute of Education (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and council member of the Singapore Chinese Music Federation (SCMF).

 SCO Wang Chenwei 王辰威

Photograph: Wang Chenwei



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